In January 2018, I launched my Patreon page to give listeners the opportunity to partner with me in producing the Devoted Dreamers Podcast every week. I'd like to recognize the following listeners and their giving levels: 


Jane Springer, guest & certified life, wellness and style coach, episode 101

Ultimate Dreamers!

Bri Euton, J.Hilburn stylist
Elizabeth Henry
Cheryl McGrath, guest & life coach, episode 10 & 30

Big-Time Dreamer!

Halley Mastrolonardo, guest & faith blogger/writer, episode 80
Cynthia Culver, guest & life coach, episode 37 & three coaching sessions

Total Dreamers

Katie Bulmer, guest, author & leader of Sorority Girls Can Change the World movement, episode 55
Cyndi McConnell
Sara J. Cobb

Devoted Dreamer Family

Alysa Passage, guest & designer/creative, episode 2 & 30
Melissa Shipman, blogger at Loving Here
Jonathan Clauson, my most excellent podcast editor!


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