Dream Coaching

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Dream Coaching

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Not sure what your dream is? Or what next steps you should take? Or you’re trying to make a BIG life decision? I’d love to engage with you in face-to-face live video and journaled coaching sessions to help you find clarity on your dream and upcoming decisions.

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Three packages are currently available.

  • Package One Includes: Two 30-minute video sessions + one journal session

  • Package Two Includes: Three 30-minute video sessions + two journal sessions

  • Package Three Includes: Four 30-minute video sessions + four journal sessions

  • Fees include a $35 deposit to secure your spot on my calendar

  • Return to the Store home page to add Document Review if you need help with pro/con lists, resume/cover letter or other docs required for job applications, or with tools to organize or structure your days (like a planner or scheduling tool)

Select your package, and I’ll email you back with Getting Started Questions and a link to reserve your spot on my calendar!