Social Media Audit : Reserve a 3-month follow-up

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Melissa 2.jpg

Social Media Audit : Reserve a 3-month follow-up


Only available with the purchase of the Social Media Audit.

Image credit: Melissa Shipman’s Insta, Loving Here Blog

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Reserve a 3-month follow-up after the initial Social Media Audit.

  • Once you’ve received your initial Audit report, you’ll begin working on the checklist to improve your Instagram Feed.

  • Purchase the 3-month follow-up, and get built-in accountability to complete those checklist items.

  • It often takes 3 months to firmly establish new habits; so once those are in place, the follow-up is a check-in to make sure what you’ve been working on is serving your stated goals.

  • Allows a second opportunity to revise your strategy if it’s not producing the desired results.

  • Includes an additional audio/video Audit, like the first, and an updated checklist.