Hi, I’m Merritt.

For a long time, the only dream I had room for in my heart was marriage. I was obsessed.

I tried to dull the ache of my heart with social activities, work, achievements, volunteering, media—anything to keep from feeling alone—but all of it left me empty.

But God.

He is faithful.

And He was brewing something in me that I could not conceive of at the time. There were God-shaped dreams forming in my heart and waiting in the wings while I longed for what I did not yet have.

Fast-forward a decade and even now, married and finally a mommy, I am reminded that putting my life on hold to wait for “what could be” is a great way to miss out on “what’s right now.”  

I want to HELP you STEP OVER WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK FROM pursuING Your God-shaped dreams.

Too often, we let what we don't have or don't know tell us we're not enough. I'm here to remind you: you already are. Whether your dream is a career, ministry, business, relationship, parenthood or another passion maybe yet-to-be-uncovered, I'd love to walk with you in it. This is the reason I built The Devoted Dreamers Podcast and community--for your dream--and mine. Because I believe...

God created you for a PURPOSE. With gifts and talents unique to you. And he did it for his kingdom. don't wait until the time is right. seek him. ask him to reveal the next step. then follow him.

He will do it. I promise. And so does He.

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness,
and all these things will be added to you.
— Matthew 6:33 (NASB)

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