Top 30 Devoted Dreamers Podcast Episodes

In celebration of my 3-year podcasting anniversary on June 1st, I’ll be posting once a day here and on my Instagram with the listeners’-choice of the Top 30 episodes based on downloads from the last three years! And guess what, there are some oldie but goodies and some really recent ones too. So, stay tuned to see what maybe you’ve missed and hear from some amazing guests who have been such a blessing to devoted dreamers everywhere.

How to Care for the Hearts of Women

Last night I attended this most beautiful event: a dinner on the front lawn of Cari Jenkins' home. Cari and I met through another guest on the podcast, Amy Pierson. Cari has a passion for and the gift of hospitality. She loves to bring people together for not just a meal but an experience in which they walk away knowing their value, worth and true identity.

Roundup of Podcasts Hosted by Christian Women

Earlier this year I was searching for podcasts by Christian women. In the middle of a re-brand for my own show, my designer asked me to think about how I might differentiate mine from others with a similar audience. The trouble was, even after searching on Google, iTunes and Pinterest, I had trouble finding a comprehensive list of podcasts hosted by Christian women. I'm not sure it exists. So I decided to create my own. 

Healing My Wounded Perception of Ambition

Before attending the Denver Institute for Faith and Work event, Ambition: Living with Drive & Devotion, in March 2017, “ambition” was not a word I would have used to describe my dreams. It feels self-serving, prideful or arrogant, especially for a woman — well, especially for me. Because the hypocrisy is, I admire friends who have successful careers, who are using their gifts and living lives to the full. It’s okay for them, but not for me?