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Rebekah Twinem, creator of Foundshop, is a wife, mama, and an encourager at heart. Her dream for Foundshop was born out of a love for vintage clothing and a deep concern for people and the planet. It is her mission to spread the word about fair fashion that respects the people who make our clothing and the Earth, without sacrificing beautiful style.

Rebekah shares what God has taught her in starting up her online clothing resale shop near Boulder, Colorado—first and foremost that her dreams are not too frivolous.


You’ll learn what lights Rebekah’s fire about this work, especially the impact of our shopping dollars on other people and the environment. With her gentle, soft-spoken (and non-judgmental) spirit she shares her calling to consider and not just consume, to find ways to consume less, or differently, or to do so with a greater awareness.

She also uncovers probably the most important thing about our God-shaped dreams that can be easily forgotten when you’re facing a challenge or a very real fear—that God’s going use this dream to deepen your connection with Him. She gives us a beautiful reminder of His longing to be close to His children, regardless of our failure or success. 

Maybe you’ve been questioning the significance of your dream or maybe that questioning has led you to totally put that dream aside. If that’s you, I hope Rebekah’s story encourages you to consider all the ways God might use your “insignificant” dream, desire or passion for His Kingdom and your good.

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Look for the Foundshop rack at Jones and Co Mercantile, 2023 17th street Boulder Colorado 80302



The True Cost documentary on Netflix
The Bible Project Podcast
Bible Study Fellowship
30% discount for all Devoted Dreamers listeners at foundshopvintage.com. Use the code: DREAMERS30


"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”
~ Romans 12:21 (NIV)

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."
~ Romans 12:2 (NIV)


Rebekah’s dream to raise awareness about our clothing purchases [4:00]
Maybe her passion is just too frivolous to pursue [4:30]
The truths of the fashion industry can be shocking [5:10]
See the people behind the clothes we wear [6:23]
The waste in “fast fashion” [6:25]
The call to consider not just consume [6:51]
About conditions and wages in the fashion industry [7:40]
How she ended up pursuing this dream while staying home with kids [8:45]
The way people shop is changing because of the internet [11:23]
About starting on her dream is this busy stage of motherhood [12:00]
Biggest struggle along the way has been self-doubt and not feeling good enough to do this [12:56]
How she responds when the self-doubt pops up again [13:50]
The most valuable lesson she’s learned on this journey [15:05]
How the dream has helped her to see God’s character in a deeper way [15:22]
Quote by Martin Luther about the shoemaker [16:40]
The diversity in creation and God’s love for beauty inspires good craftsmanship [17:22]
Rebekah’s favorite verse right now [17:45]
About the relationships she’s built because she pursued her dream [18:44]
Bible Study Fellowship and feeling called to make her world a little bigger [19:24]
How does Foundshop work and what to expect when you shop there [20:48]
Finding the best value on the best pieces [21:15]
To create a more ethical closet, start with small steps, like awareness [22:17]
Wardrobe tips for the fashion challenged, like me [24:00]
Advice for the dreamer—don’t doubt your desires [25:05]
Rebekah’s favorite resource [26:11]
Foundshop discount for listeners [26:50]
How her dream has grown her love and trust for God [28:56]

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