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Whatever your leadership role, this conversation with Esther Littlefield will teach you about fulfilling your God-given purpose despite the fear that threatens to cripple you or halt your dream altogether. Esther shares an example of stepping out to do something she didn’t feel ready for but that she knew God was calling her to. Her story teaches us that you can use your gifts anywhere and at any time whether in motherhood, a full-time job, or serving in your church or community. You don’t have to wait; just start small, be obedient, and let Him bring the results.


When God calls you to something bigger than yourself, you might question whether you’re the right person for the job. You might think someone else could do it better. Fear is normal—we all feel it to some extent—but fear is not from God. If fear or doubt are creeping up on you, the next step is to trust God’s character, believe He is good, and know that He is for you and the dreams He’s given you! Listen as Esther Littlefield explains what this has been for her and then, find the courage you need to take the next step, regardless of how ready you feel.

Writer and host of the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast, Esther Littlefield encourages and equips women to embrace their God-given gifts, skills, and passions in order to lead with confidence. Esther is also the founder of Morningstar Media Services, a podcast production agency, helping entrepreneurs launch and manage their podcast so that they can focus on what they love the most. Never satisfied to do just ONE thing, Esther is a busy wife, mom, leader, friend, and entrepreneur. She combines her background as a social worker, network marketer, and blogger to help others achieve their goals in their life and business.

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Get the Free Confident Leader Manifesto from Esther: https://estherlittlefield.com/confident

Learn more about Esther’s Confident Leader Club: for women who want to become a stronger leader, gain accountability, and enjoy ongoing training in a community of Christian women.


And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you
will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

~ Philippians 1:6


2:34 – introducing Esther and the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast
3:25 – on being a “one” on the Enneagram
3:45 – Esther’s dream to share her story through writing a book
6:04 – starting a podcast was part of her writing journey
6:42 – why she started the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast
8:54 – on using your gifts no matter your season of life
9:11 – Esther’s struggle with fear and insecurity as a child
11:06 – feeling called to lead other women despite her fear
12:14 – how God used her even when she didn’t feel ready
13:55 – learning to be more proactive in using her gifts and her story
15:30 – on stepping out, even in fear, so you don’t miss what God might have for you
17:30 – on the value of growing in confidence and the importance of leaving the results to God
18:30 – Esther’s favorite bible verse right now
19:00 – holding on to the promise that God will complete the work He began in you
20:18 – trusting God’s character and faithfulness in the midst of your dreams
21:00 – following your dream is just one small step of obedience after another
22:50 – you won’t get to see the whole path, but move forward anyway
23:56 – how God will direct your steps
25:43 – recommended podcasts and books
28:52 – Esther offers support for women leaders through her Confident Leader Club
31:00 – following her dream has grown her trust in God and His faithfulness and in how He made her
33:40 – it’s way more fun to follow His plan for your life versus your own
35:00 – my takeaways from this interview

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