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When my interview for Episode 94 fell through a few weeks ago, I decided to do a season-closing solo episode talking about what I’ve learned in the last two years of podcasting. It seemed fitting as I just celebrated my second podcasting anniversary on June 1st and am about to take an extended leave from the show following the birth of our second child in mid-June.

In this episode, I share what God’s been teaching me over the last two years of podcasting. However, these lessons aren’t really about starting a podcast. Whatever your dream, you can apply them to your journey. I’ve broken the lessons down into simple takeaways so you can think about how you might start or proceed in following the dream God’s given you. You’ll learn why you don’t have to be perfect to move forward, how to consider the costs of your dream before you get started and why fear must not get the best of you in the process.

In case you’re new around here, I’ll share a little introduction as well...

For a long time, the only dream I had room for in my heart was marriage. I was obsessed. I tried to dull the ache with social activities, work, achievements, volunteering, media—anything to keep from feeling alone—but all of it left me empty.

However, God is faithful, and He was brewing something in me that I could not imagine at the time -- God-shaped dreams were forming in my heart and waiting in the wings while I longed for what I did not yet have. Fast-forward a decade-plus and even now, married and a mommy, I am reminded that putting my life on hold to wait for “what could be” is a great way to miss out on “what’s right now.”  

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help other women step over what’s holding them back from pursuing their God-shaped dreams. Because I believe God created you for a purpose, with gifts, talents, experiences and passions unique to you. And He did it for His glory and His Kingdom. And I don’t want you to miss being part of that beautiful mission, like I almost did.

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And here’s a little breakdown of what I share in this short, 30-minute solo episode:  

The Top Six Lessons I've Learned in the Last Two Years

1. Be consistent in whatever way your dream requires it. 
2. Step out and do something bold DESPITE the fear.
3. The cost of following this dream was higher than I expected.
4. Just because I can't or won't do it perfectly doesn't mean I shouldn't do it. 
5. When I'm waking in step with the Lord in pursuit of my dream, it draws me closer to Him.
6. Pursuing this dream has built and strengthened my relationships

1. Listen to God; who did He make you to be? 
2. Take a step
3. Figure out what consistency looks like for you/your dream
4. Measure the cost (as much as possible, know what you're getting into)
5. Push fear to the fences
6. Bring people along


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