On-Air Coaching: Session I with Cynthia Culver & Lois Martin || Bonus Episode

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We talk a lot around here about trying things out, taking baby steps, and figuring out where God is leading you by just doing something (instead of nothing).

Several months ago, my friend Cynthia Culver (Ep. 37) and I were talking about the possibility of testing out an On-Air Coaching session with a listener. We put the word out that we were going to give this a try, found a willing volunteer, and just went for it.

This On-Air Coaching bonus episode is the result! It’s the first of three sessions you’ll hear with listener Lois Martin. In these episodes, Cynthia walks us (via Lois) through the Discovery, Direction and Development phases of coaching. Lois’s goal? To get over what is holding her back from pursuing her God-shaped dream.

Each of the three episodes focuses on one coaching phase. Here’s a little cheat-sheet from Cynthia and Un+Stuck Coaching to help you understand where we’re headed:

Session I - Discovery: Identify what is driving your current results: beliefs, patterns, and choices.

Session II - Direction: Evaluate current results and establish a new and clear direction.

Session III - Development: Develop a plan by identifying new beliefs, patterns, and choices that produce results in line with your new direction.

As you listen to Lois processing her experiences in these three conversations, we hope you will listen with an ear toward your own story and whatever might be keeping you stuck and/or resisting what God has put on your heart to contribute to His Kingdom.

Come back next week to listen to Session II on Direction.

In case you missed the news, I’m on maternity leave for the summer of 2018, but I’d love to hear your feedback on these On-Air Coaching calls. Leave me a message via my Contact page and let me know your thoughts.

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