Momentum: Episode 30 - Alysa Passage & Cheryl McGrath

My interview this week veers a bit from the norm. In this episode, I’m speaking with two previous Momentum guests, Alysa Passage and Cheryl McGrath, who partnered together to do something new that would move them forward in their God-shaped dreams. Their story is not only a great example of courageous movement toward their dreams, but it also covers a topic we could all benefit from—better self-care. I hope their experience of stepping out and trying something new gives you an idea or some encouragement about what might be your next step. And, you’ll get a glimpse into the value and power of caring for yourself so you have the energy and space in 2017 to continue to pursue what God has laid on your heart. 

Momentum: Episode #10 - Cheryl McGrath

Cheryl McGrath shares her decades-long struggle with workaholism and its impact on her family, personal health, and understanding of success.  The Lord eventually upended her perspective on where to find her value and identity. Taking what she learned from that experience, Cheryl is now pursuing her passion to help women embrace their self-worth and live life wholeheartedly through her new coaching business, Every Season Coaching. If you wrestle with feeling like you’re “not enough,” you’re sure to enjoy Cheryl’s encouraging story.