Roundup of Podcasts Hosted by Christian Women

Podcast List for Christian Women


Since launching my own podcast, I've wanted to connect with women of faith who are also podcasting. 

However, even with Google's help, I've had trouble finding a comprehensive list of podcasts hosted by Christian women. There are lists of sermon-style podcasts and Bible teaching podcasts by women and men alike. But since The Devoted Dreamers Podcast is more of a lifestyle/inspiration type podcast, that's the list I've been searching for. As far as I could tell, it didn't exist before this one.

A quick check on iTunes turned up The Happy Hour by Jamie Ivey, of course! And I could see what other podcasts her listeners also listen to. Even a more recent Pinterest search only provided a handful of lists like "7 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes for Christian Women" or "15 Awesome Christian Podcasts" but nowhere could I find a more comprehensive list. 

You must know; however, this is by no means a complete list. Podcasts hosted by Christian women are popping up all over the place these days. Every week it seems. So it would be impossible to know about them all. 

There's more information near the end of this post if you're curious how I came up with this list. Once it began to take shape, I started reaching out to hosts who had contact information easily accessible online to ask them for a few episodes I might link to (most popular and best representation) to help you identify which shows you might love. And I've done my best to categorize by topic, though I'll admit, I haven't had a chance to listen to every single show so instead of being an endorsement (it's not), consider this a compilation of shows you might check out if you're looking for more in one of these categories. 

Bible Teaching

Live the Promise hosted by Susie Larson
{Marked} by Lifeway hosted by Mary Margaret Collingsworth
Telling the Truth for Women hosted by Jill Briscoe

Biblical mentoring

The Journeywomen Podcast by Hunter Beless


Big Heart Business Show hosted by Kerry Sheppard
Most Popular - Ep. 1 - Mair Millar- Empowering You To Unleash The Champ Within
Best Representation - Ep. 6 - Tracy Robinson- Follow Your Passion

Rising Stories hosted by Corine Sandifer
Most Popular - Ep. 49 - Annie F. Downs
Best Representation - Ep. 55 - Tamra Davis

Your Life Rocks-Helping Christian Working Moms Create Balance hosted by Jenny Stemmerman
Most Popular - Ep. 65 - How to Have More Time and Get More Done
Best Representation - Ep. 48 - The Mindset of Busy

Entremoms hosted by Jenn Armstrong and Jenn Milroy
She Percolates hosted by Jen Hatzung & Danielle Spurge


Persuasion hosted by Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson
Most Popular - Ep. 75 - The Outsourcing of Women’s Discipleship to Para-Church Personalities
Best Representation - Ep. 82 - How Sarcasm Is Good for the Soul, with Anne Kennedy

On Being hosted by Krista Tippett
Shalom in the City hosted by Osheta Moore
Truth's Table hosted by Michelle Higgins, Christina Edmondson, and Ekemini Uwan

Faith Stories

Feathers: Faith in Flight hosted by Amy Bennett
Most Popular - Season 6, Ep. 2 - Anna LeBaron: Overcoming a Life of Terror in a Polygamist Cult
Best Representation - Season 6, Ep. 4 - Leighton Serlo: Giving Up Alcohol and Giving Away Her Voice

Sucker Punched (Formerly Stories of Unfolding Grace) hosted by Becky L. McCoy
Most Popular - Ep. 1 - Becky McCoy: Anxiety, Depression, & Feeling Unloveable
Best Representation - Ep. 25 - Debbie Wilkins Baisden; Young Widow, Grief, & Remarriage

The Open Door Sisterhood hosted by Krista Gilbert and Alexandra Kuykendall
Most Popular - Ep. 51 - Interview with Sarah Jakes Roberts
Best Representation - Ep. 21 - Birthday Bash Special: We’re Turning 21!

The Devoted Dreamers Podcast {YEP, this one's mine!} hosted by Merritt Onsa
Most Popular - Ep. 40 - Julie Landreth: Speaker, Wife Coach, Cultivating Healthy Marriages
Best Representation - Ep. 43 - Suanne Camfield: Author, Minister to Women, Paying Attention to the Stirring

Faith Conversations hosted by Anita Lustrea
Let's Be Real hosted by Lindsay Dryer
Mud Stories hosted by Jacque Watkins
Storycast hosted by Rebecca Renfrow & Traci Dixon
UpsideDown Podcast hosted by Kayla Craig, Lindsy Wallace, Shannon Evans, Lori Harris, Kristi James
We Are Unveiled hosted by Monica Zuniga

Health & Fitness

Holy Yoga hosted by Brooke Boon & Neesa
Paleo Women hosted by Noelle Tarr and Stefani Ruper
Revelation Wellness-Healthy & Whole hosted by Alisa Keeton

The Home 

By Design hosted by Lyndsye Felsman & Dannette Gora
Most Popular - Ep. 17 with Shannan Martin
Best Representation - Ep. 12: Seasons of Waiting & Mixing Patterns

The Simple Show hosted by Tsh Oxenreider


Here for the Donuts hosted by Missi Burgess & Amena Brown
Lighten Up! hosted by Melanie Dale
The Anna and Susannah Show hosted by Susannah B. Lewis and Anna Lind Thomas


Next Level Living hosted by Chrissy Helmer
Most Popular - Ep. 74  - How to Heal Hurtful Words
Best Representation - Ep. 88 - Worry About You

Polished Podcast - Refining the Details of Life hosted by Polished & Kat Armstrong
Most Popular - Ep. 9 - Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey & Guests
Best Representation - Ep. 8 - Interview with Catherine Lowe

Radiant Podcast hosted by Kelsey Chapman
Most Popular - Ep. 23 - Jessie Artigue of Style & Pepper
Best Representation - Ep. 17 - Amy Kavelaris of Bloom Print Studio

Wonderfully Made hosted by Allie Marie Smith & Rachel Brown
Most Popular - Ep. 40 - with Liz Forkin Bohannon
Best Representation - Ep. 24 - with Alli Talley & Jessie Simonson

Be Still Be Free hosted by Sara, Monica & Amber
Embrace You hosted by Crystal Hodges
Lead Stories hosted by Jo Saxton & Steph Williams
The Influence Podcast


The H&H Hour hosted by Heather Toews and Heidi Bolt
Most Popular - Ep. 10 - Guest Jenna Bennett
Best Representation - Ep. 8 - H&H Chats

The Happy Hour hosted by Jamie Ivey
Most Popular - Ep. 125 with Renee Swope
Best Representation - Ep. 130 with Joy Eggerichs Reed

Grit 'n' Grace: Good Girls Breaking Bad Rules hosted by Cheri Gregory and Amy Carroll
Most Popular - Ep. 1 - The Secret to Disappointment-Proofing Your Marriage
Best Representation - Ep. 39 - Refusing to Run -- Winning Friends by Giving Up the Race

That Sounds Fun hosted by Annie Downs
Most Popular - Ep. 26 - She Reads Truth on Lent
Best Representation - Ep. 36 - Danielle Walker

Surviving Sarah hosted by Sarah Bragg
Most Popular - Ep. 67 - with Kay Warren
Best Representation - Ep. 62 - with Sissy Goff

Around the Table Podcast hosted by Jacey Verdicchio and Maggie McDaris (final episode in 04/17)
Dear Daughters hosted by Susie Davis
Glorious in the Mundane hosted by Christy Nockels
Sorta Awesome Podcast hosted by Megan Tietz


Inspired to Action hosted by Kat Lee
Most Popular - Ep. 119 - Trusting God With Your Outside-The-Box Kids With Sally Clarkson
Best Representation - Ep. 39 - My Story – How God Takes Brokenness Aside and Makes It Beautiful

Mom Inspired Show hosted by Amber Sandburg
Most Popular - Ep. 15 - Hope For Those Dealing With Marriage Difficulties And Money Issues With Jenni Strunk
Best Representation - Ep. 26 - Designing The Home That You Love With Jennifer Allwood

Mom on Purpose hosted by Jess Connell
Most Popular - Ep. 20 - Discipline Your Kids - For Their Good!
Best Representation - Ep. 5 - Embracing Life as a Mom of Littles

Risen Motherhood hosted by Emily Jensen & Laura Wifler
Most Popular - Ep. 54 - Ask Us Anything! Spring 2017 Edition
Best Representation - Ep. 44 - Raising More Than Just Good Kids

Today's Eden hosted by Ashley Carroll
Most Popular - Ep. 13 - No Excuses Mom on Marriage, Separation/Reconciliation and Body Image
Best Representation - Ep. 12 - Chance the Rapper, VDay, & Her NEW Book With Jess Connolly

At Home with Sally Clarkson hosted by Sally Clarkson
Birds on a Wire Moms hosted by Karen Stubbs
Crazy Blessed hosted by Hannah Keeley
God-Centered Mom hosted by Heather MacFadyen
Marvelous Moms Club hosted by Kristen Tyrrel
Mom Struggling Well hosted by Emily Thomas
Parenting Great Kids Podcast hosted by Dr. Meg Meeker
The Oppermom hosted by Christine Opperman


Java with Juli hosted by Dr. Juli Slattery
Most Popular - Ep. 126 - What Your Husband Wishes You Knew About Sex
Best Representation - Ep. 132 - Honest Answers to Your Questions about Sex


Hope*Writers Podcast hosted by Emily P Freeman and Myquillyn Smith


Again, this is not a complete list. It was compiled based on my own research and posts to a few Facebook groups asking Christian women to share their favorite shows. Several were recommended more than once, but in total there were more than 60 to start with! Still, I'm sure there are many other amazing podcasts hosted by Christian women that I don't know about.

If you have a favorite you'd like to share--or you're the host of a podcast--please submit it via this Google Form.

For shows that didn't have contact information or the host didn't respond to my initial request, I'm including them here anyway, without links to their shows, with the hope that I can add their links in the future. 

I'd love to hear which of these shows you check out. Please leave your thoughts here, in the comments, so others who discover this list will benefit from your listening.