How to Care for the Hearts of Women

Last night I attended this most beautiful event: a dinner on the front lawn of Cari Jenkins' home. Cari and I met through another guest on the podcast, Amy Pierson. Cari has a passion for and the gift of hospitality. She loves to bring people together for not just a meal but an experience in which they walk away knowing their value, worth and true identity.

The invitation to THE WOMEN OF INFLUENCE DINNER came shortly after my first podcast interview with Cari in June. She'd told me of these lovely dinners and the women she and her friend Kay have been gathering from across the city of Denver. They started doing this because they saw a hole. A need for women serving in leadership roles to enjoy places of rest, community, camaraderie and encouragement. Cari and Kay wanted to meet that need. 

When I arrived, I figured I might know one or two of the other ladies. But I was late. Harried from the intensity of rush-hour traffic and from watching the clock in my car as the minutes ticked off while I searched for parking. I had no clue where I was in the city, and I was feeling anxious as I turned the corner to enter into the party, already in progress. But I was greeted by a festive atmosphere and sweet Cari who saw me walk in and immediately came over to say hello and point out others who were in attendance. 

Every aspect of the night was just right. The dinner table was lovely. The food tasty. The company priceless. Every woman there was interested and engaged in the others. After a time of organic conversation, Kay and Cari asked a few intentional questions in which we shared around the table about our passions, where we are delighting in God, and where we see Him delighting in us. I'll let you guess which was the more difficult question to answer. 

Last night was a beautiful gift, made even more beautiful by the heart of the women behind it.

And, as I hopped in my car at 10:30 pm, my heart full from the beautiful connections I'd just made, I realized I hadn't seen a single selfie taken. I mean, I'd showered, wore a cute outfit, and was having a good hair day. The ambiance and decor would have been the perfect backdrop. But it never occurred to me. And it likely didn't to any of the others. We were present. In the moment. Our hearts were full.

We all need more of this.