Top Ten Episodes of 2017

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These ten amazing women (and 62 others, since the podcast launched) have welcomed us into their dreams, their fears and their challenges. They’ve shared about the doors the Lord has opened and the ones He has closed as they’ve taken steps toward their God-shaped dream. Not one of them said it was easy. In fact, I’m sure they would all attest that there are excruciatingly difficult moments, days, weeks, months, even years of being obedient to what God has called them to. 

I'm honored to share them with you as part of the Top Ten Episodes of 2017 (based on total downloads in mid-December). I learn so much from these conversations; maybe there's one that will particularly appeal to you, but I honestly love them all! I hope you enjoy getting to know them and learning from them, too!

Below each episode title is linked to the audio file, and you can find show notes for each episode at:{episode#}.

#10 - Alisa Keeton || How to Not Miss the Dream || Ep. 63

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Alisa Keeton of Revelation Wellness shares how she said she’d “never do that” to the dream God had for her. And then, He surprised her and made it happen anyway, not with her kicking and screaming, but with a sweet ambition to create something that would bring people the same kind of freedom she’d found in Christ. At the time of our conversation, Alisa had just returned from a three-month sabbatical. She talks about the decision to take time away to slow down, rest and let God love her, and she shares some of what He did in her heart during that time. Who doesn't need a little of that? 

#9 - Jess Connolly || Letting God Use You for His Purposes || Ep. 34

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Jess talked about how she’s not a dreamer and the fact that, in 2008, she told her husband she’d following him anywhere as long as it wasn’t to plant a church. And then God changed her heart. She shares what it’s like to have a pretty public life online while also having a ministry in the local church. And a little about her new book: Dance Stand Run, which came out in Oct. 2017. There were so many good nuggets in this one. You might want to take notes!!


#8 - Cari Jenkins || How to Trust God When Dreams Disappoint || Ep. 51

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If you've ever dealt with disappointment related to a God-shaped dream (or anything else, really!) this one is for you. Cari and I actually had to record and then re-record our interview because things in her world changed midstream, shortly before the publish date of this episode. In this conversation, you’ll hear her talk about our identity in Christ, all that she’s had to wrestle through when her dream didn’t turn out the way she planned, and how her belief was impacted by that disappointment. There is true gospel encouragement here; don't miss it!

#7 - Amy Pierson || Finding the Creativity Already Within You || Ep. 46

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Amy Pierson loves to gather people and help them pay attention to what God is creatively up to in their lives. Amy believes we are all expressions of God’s creativity, which is why it cracks open our souls. She wants to spark a fire in those who love Jesus but long for more ways of connecting with Him. She talks about our childhood learning wounds and how they impact us today and shares about her own spiritual journey including doubt, loneliness and fears that have troubled her along the way. Whether or not you consider yourself "creative," you're bound to learn something.  

#6 - Amber Brannon || Getting Past Fear to Find Your Dream || Ep. 32

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Graphic designer Amber Brannon is a free spirit, a lover of people and Jesus, and a self-confessed coffee-choc-oholic who wants to unleash stunning design on the world. She believes in dreaming big, working hard, finding connection and pushing boundaries. In this interview, she shares her bold adventure to start her own business, the fears that kept her from it at first and the beautiful story that finally caused her to listen to what God had been whispering in her ear. If fear has kept you stuck, you're sure to enjoy this conversation with Amber.

#5 -  Beth Booram || How to Build Your Network When You Feel Alone || Ep. 59

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Do you feel alone in your God-shaped dream. Beth did, too, at first. Today, she's the co-founder of Sustainable Faith Indy, but years ago, before it got started, she felt like it was all on her. One of my favorite tips from this conversation was about what she did to build her network to find partners for her dream. Beth also shares about the risks she took, the lengthy delays that stood in the way of getting started, and all the ways she learned to see God while waiting on the outcomes she was praying for.

#4 - Lauren Jones || Why Community Matters to Your Dream || Ep. 41

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Lauren Jones is a homeschooling, bio/adoption and foster care mama of four kids ages 9 to 9 months. She shares about her dream to get beautiful heirloom books into the hands of treasured kids in the US Foster System. First, if you’ve ever felt like you lacked the experience to pursue the dream God has put on your heart, you’re not alone. Lauren feels the same way. But the dream pressed on her for long enough (and kept her awake at night) that she and her husband decided to jump in with both feet and figure it out along the way.

#3 - Julie Manning || How to Keep Going When God Asks Too Much || Ep. 45

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Julie Manning tells the most precious story of her surprising diagnosis shortly following the birth of their second child and how God has drawn her more deeply into relationship with Him ever since. You might listen to Julie's story and wonder how you would respond if God gave you a clear understanding that any day could be your last one here on earth. And if you did, I bet it would change how you dream or how you respond to the dreams He's put on your heart.


#2 - Jennie Allen || How to Fight Back Fear and Pursue Your Dream || Ep. 50

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Jennie Allen has a wealth of wisdom to share with dreamers like us because she is one of us. She has struggled, fought back fear, and lived to see a dream that’s bigger than herself come to fruition. Some of my favorite parts of this conversation are hearing what has given her confidence to keep going when it’s difficult, what it’s taken to move from “fear” to “fun” in pursuing her dream, and that it’s so not about her. I also love what she says about the importance of our obedience to the calling on our lives-–especially when fear threatens to stand in our way.

#1 - Julie Landreth || How to Just Take the Next Step || Ep. 40

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In this thought-provoking interview with wife coach Julie Landreth, she share her passion for healthy and thriving relationships–-especially marriages. Julie leads a growing number of women in San Jose, CA through her weekly WifeLab curriculum: "Loving Well, The Art of Praying for Your Husband." Julie shares about the whirlwind romance she and her now-husband had while they were dating—mostly long-distance—and the disappointment that sunk in shortly into their marriage. She talks about how her current dream—to start a revolution of marriages that last—began in her little corner of the world. Her story is a great example of moving ahead, one step at a time, listening to what God has laid on her heart and walking forward, even when she feels resistant to doing so.

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