082 || Letting God Lead Your Dreams || Sarah Beth Marr

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Sarah Beth Marr is the author of Dreaming with God – A Bold Call to Step Out and Follow God’s Lead. Sarah Beth danced professionally for more than fifteen years as a ballerina and now encourages women in the dance of life and faith through her writing, speaking at MOPS International groups and women’s events, and teaching the Word. As soon as I met her, I felt so drawn to her vision and desire to help other women dream with God.

Sarah Beth and her husband, Brian, have three sons and live in Dallas, Texas. 


In this interview, Sarah Beth talks about her experience of Dreaming with God and her book of the same name. As part of her story, she offers some perspective on dreams that unfold slowly and how sometimes waiting is part of the process. She encourages us to look for the “little jewels of direction” and “divine sparks” from God to help us uncover our dreams. She talks about feeling restless and where that feeling might come from as well as how you can dream with grace, take the pressure off, and just make a dent in the dream you feel like God’s given you.

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O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you;
~ Psalm 63:1

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
~ Ecclesiastes 3:11


The process of discovering her God-shaped dream [4:04]
How dreaming with God helps us uncover how and why He made us [5:51]
Our busy lives cause us to suppress our dreaming heart [6:15]
Giving ourselves permission to use the gifts God has given us [6:25]
Learning to listen to the little promptings of our heart [8:08]
Expressing our desires to God gives us permission to dream [8:40]
How to match our desires to God’s desires [9:11]
Why you don’t have to have it all figured out [9:30]
Asking God if your heart’s desire is from Him [10:10]
Is mom-guilt standing in the way of your dream? [10:16]
What if the restlessness you feel is the Holy Spirit? [11:23]
Start, mess up, and then start over if you need to [13:20]
Rejections in the writing/publishing process [15:07]
The soul-weariness that can come with an unrealized dream [15:55]
How to dream AND find contentment in God when it doesn’t go as planned [16:58]
How to turn the dream over (and not hold it so tightly) [18:41]
The learning that comes with waiting on God and His timing [19:57]
God is so personal and loves us in a personal way [24:11]
The enemy of our souls doesn’t want us to dream [26:17]
Dreaming in grace; you don’t have to do it all today [27:00]
Just make a dent in your dream today [28:22]
Is it selfish to dream if you have other responsibilities? [28:45]
Taking the pressure off ourselves to dream perfectly [29:40]
We don’t have to be in a rush with our dreams [31:16]
Sarah Beth’s book recommendations [33:02]
Raising kids is a God-shaped dream, too [36:15]
It’s okay to say no to good things in order to make room for your dreams [36:15]
Why she wrote “Dreaming with God” [37:01]
How Sarah Beth started encouraging women (dancers) before she wrote her book [39:10]
How to sign up for spontaneous devotionals from Sarah Beth [42:45]
How dreaming with God has changed her life [43:31]
Becoming more herself through dreaming with God [44:27]
Finding purpose in her dreams [45:45]


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