128 || How to Be a Mother and Follow Your God-Shaped Dream || Lesley Pyle

Lesley Pyle’s dream was born out of a desire to stay home after the birth of her first baby. In 2007, she founded to help professional women find flexible, legitimate, home-based work. Her story teaches us the value of not waiting until you have it all figured out. She shares how she learned along the way and how passion made up for expertise she didn’t have at the start. Let Lesley encourage you to release the mom guilt and get out of your comfort zone to pursue your God-shaped dream.

121 || Listening to Your Feelings Can Sabotage Your Dream || Laura Harris

If you have a dream, don’t be surprised when discouragement shows up and threatens to destroy it. In this episode writer, mama, and former silent-struggler Laura Harris shares her vulnerable story about the night on the bathroom floor when she realized that she was on the verge of depression and could no longer hide it. You’ll learn how God brought her through it, used this difficulty to open her eyes to a greater purpose, and the steps you can take if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

117 || Breakthrough Lessons for Staying Focused on Your Dream || Laurel Smith

Creative business owner Laurel Smith dreamt about making jewelry 14 years ago, before she possessed the knowledge or tools to do so. That dream is now a reality in Laurel Denise, but its God-given purpose didn’t become clear until years later. Laurel’s story reminds us that understanding your purpose and calling takes time. She also shares her secret of learning to focus her time and energy so she could pursue jewelry making as well as her passion and calling of motherhood.

108 || How God Uses Brokenness to Shape Your Dream || April Matt

This week, April Matt reveals the value of asking good questions and listening well as you consider your dream because you might uncover something you never considered. You’ll hear why your dream is worth pursuing, even when it gets hard, you have bad days, or you feel like quitting. Finally, April teaches us the importance of partnering with people who have the skills you lack and who can help you see when you’re working from your own strength instead of resting in the Lord’s.

104 || How Your Dreams Draw You Closer to God || Merritt Onsa

In this episode, you’ll learn some real-life tips to find time for your dream, even as a busy mom/entrepreneur/wife, etc. You will be inspired to believe in the value of your dream not only for the dream itself but also for the ways it will draw you closer to the Father as you take risks, leave your comfort zone and do scary things to pursue it. We talk about letting go of mom-guilt and discovering the benefits to your kids as you take time for the dream God has placed on your heart.

103 || How God Uses the Things We Least Expect to Bless Us || Amy Wright

In this episode, Amy Wright, creator of The Big Family Home blog, talks about the shame she has battled in her dream to write and encourage other moms. Our conversation is a reminder that God doesn’t want us to live in shame or guilt. She and I commiserate on how easily we fall into the belief that everyone else is “doing this better than me.” This episode is a reminder that you are not the only one struggling and that whatever the struggle, whether in motherhood or your dream, it doesn’t define you.

082 || Letting God Lead Your Dreams || Sarah Beth Marr

Author Sarah Beth Marr talks about her experience of dreaming with God and her process of writing her book of the same name. She offers perspective on dreams that unfold slowly. She encourages us to look for the “little jewels of direction” and “divine sparks” from God to help us uncover our dreams. She also shares about where our feelings of restless might come from as well as how you can dream with grace, take the pressure off and just make a dent in the dream you feel like God’s given you.

071 || Finding Space for Your Dreams, Even With a House Full of Kids || Lara Veve

Lara Veve oversees the Women’s Community at Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, Colorado. In this interview, she talks about the big dreams she had as a child and how those plans got upset by life’s circumstances. She shares about her fears that make her want to live “inside the box.” She also offers an important reminder that we need to pay attention to the things that make our heart beat a little faster because that’s often where God has planted our dreams.

069 || How To Prioritize Your Kids AND Your Dream || Rebekah Scott

Rebekah Scott has loved sewing since she was four years old, kneeling next to her mom and begging to cut some scraps of fabrics to create something on her own. She started Rebekah Scott Designs in 2003 because she wanted to have children and be able to stay at home to raise them by her side--and she wanted to help others do the same. She loves what she has grown over these years through her business, and her four little ones continue to inspire her, put smiles on her heart, and remind her of the reason behind it all.

068 || How Even Busy Moms Can Find Time for Their Dream || Meredith King

In this episode, Meredith King talks about how things changed in the pursuit of her dream once she had kids—and the ways she’s learned to draw boundaries that are good for her and her family. She gives a name to that voice in our heads that tells us we’re not enough or shouldn’t be pursuing this dream, and she talks about how she fights back by inviting “truth-tellers” into the conversation. Plus, she’s got some awesome tips for success around providing dinner for her family and making time for prayer and bible study in the midst of an already busy life.

060 || Because There's Room For You Too || Laura Crawford

Laura Crawford is a new wife, a new mom, and a gluten-free chef, living in Colorado Springs. She’s the blogger and creator of Clean Chef, Messy Mom. When people ask her about that title, the answer is simple—it encompasses the fullness of what she aims for in her writing >> clean eating, even when life is messy.

She’s on a mission to inspire others to crave a healthy lifestyle—from food, to fitness, to marriage, to finances, to fun. Although she would claim that most of her culinary training came from her mother’s kitchen, she learned the art of technique, flavor, and tone, and how to use the science of cooking and baking to come up with the perfect recipe at Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.

Laura’s hope is that she can help other mamas embrace authenticity and find creative ways to stay healthy in all aspects of their lives even when self-care seems impossible.

056 || How to Start Before You Have It All Figured Out || Ashley Carroll

Ashley Carroll blogs at and is the host and creator of the Today’s Eden podcast. She’s a mother of two, a mom-tribe encourager and a podcast junkie. She started her own podcast because life can be hard and we need each other! Her goal is to combat the feelings of isolation that social media perpetuates and, instead, talk about the hard stuff, point us back to community, and remind us that “it really does take a village.” Ashely is the real-deal, and she and her guests discuss the good, the bad and the intimate aspects of womanhood and motherhood.

Devoted Dreamers: 35 - Alexandra Kuykendall: Writer | Speaker | Encourager of Women

Alexandra Kuykendall spends her days driving to multiple schools, figuring out what to feed her people and searching for a better solution to the laundry dilemma. Author of Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment in Relishing What’s Right in Front of Me and The Artist’s Daughter: A Memoir, Alex is co-hostess of The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast. A trusted voice in mothering circles, Alex speaks to women around the world about issues of parenting, faith and identity. She lives in the shadows of downtown Denver with her husband Derek and their four daughters.

Momentum: Episode #9 - Trina Cress

Trina Cress is the author of Simplifying Home and the girl behind In between caring for three kids and advocating simplicity, she also writes about simple faith and life on her personal blog There she shares from her messy beginnings to uncover beauty in the process and joy in the simple. She and her family live in Nebraska where Trina aims to live her “real life” first and then make her online updates an echo of that.  

Momentum: Episode #8 - Claire Nix

Claire Nix is a business coach for mompreneurs and digital media strategist. She is passionate about helping women seek Jesus, prioritize their families, and create a successful, fun business allowing them to find purpose outside of caring for young children. She is a wife (to her high school sweetheart), a mom to two boys, and a woman with a God-sized dream who is on a mission to help other women find success in life and business.

Momentum: Episode #7 - Sarah Targgart

The podcast takes a bit of a turn this week to discuss the dream of having a family and the intimate struggle of infertility. Sarah Targgart gives a voice to this heart-wrenching topic. She is vulnerable about what the journey has been like for her. She shares what was and was not helpful while she and her husband fought to cling to the promises of God while wondering if their dreams of having a family would ever come true. 

Momentum: Episode #6 - Heather Disarro

Heather Disarro is a food-centric lifestyle blogger at Heather's Dish. She is passionate about embracing the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives, and she revels in the opportunity to bring the love of cooking to the world as a way to love others well! In this episode, Heather is honest about her insecurities and the challenges she faces in chasing God’s plans in spite of the fears that could hold her back. 

Momentum Episode #4 - Interview with Brooke Fish

Brooke Fish creates and sells eco-friendly, stylish baby accessories through her company Fresh BiB, but her greatest desire is to encourage new moms. In this episode she openly shares about her past, including her struggle with post-partum depression, as well as the challenges of today with regard to discerning the future of Fresh BiB. She fervently believes God will provide for those who are willing to actively engage in the pursuit of the dreams He has given. 

Momentum: Episode #3 - Interview with Missy Williams

Missy Williams is the co-founder of Seed Effect, a Christ-centered, nonprofit microfinance organization focused on providing economic and spiritual empowerment for the people of South Sudan. While Missy never set out to start a microfinance organization, she is now able to share the powerful tips she learned about executing on a dream and keeping your eyes on the Lord. Join me as we learn together what can happen when God places a seemingly impossible assignment in your hands.