095 || Because You'll Never Be Fully Ready to Start || Megan Sjuts

Welcome to Season Five of The Devoted Dreamers Podcast!

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This week’s guest, Megan Sjuts, is the owner of Building 07, offering a full range of professional design services. Her mission is to simplify the design process and serve creative professionals and business owners. When she is not behind the screen designing for clients, she is teaching graphic design courses at Rogue Community College in Southern Oregon, where she lives with her husband, Elliot, their chocolate lab, Dixie, and four chickens, Sunny, Popcorn, Peanut and Penny.

The word “transition” sums up what life has been like for Megan over the last few years: starting and finishing grad school, marriage, moving across country, starting a business, and teaching at a local community college. If you’d asked her five years ago what she thought her life would look in 2018, I wonder how many of those things would have been on the list. I’m guessing not many!


In this conversation, Megan teaches us her favorite strategy for combating those ugly feelings that come with comparing your behind-the-scenes to what you see in others online. You’ll hear the story of how she discovered graphic design (and it wasn’t because she went looking for this career path) and why not knowing the path in advance doesn’t make it the wrong path. She also shares the lessons she learned from a difficult conversation she had early on with one of her first clients. These will be vital to anyone who is starting a business or dealing with client communications.

If you’ve never felt ready to start working on your dream, this interview offers some perspective and maybe even a kick in the pants to get going even before you feel it.

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 See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19 (NIV)



Who Megan is and what Building 07 does for clients [3:37]
Unique challenges of her current roles [5:58]
God opened the doors at just the right time [7:14]
How Megan got into graphic design [7:40]
How her path to design is different than most graphic designers and why that’s okay [10:19]
What have been her internal challenges and struggles [11:30]
The role transition has played [11:57]
Being in roles that she didn’t feel ready for [12:47]
Struggling with imposter syndrome/feeling unqualified [13:12]
God qualifies you; it’s okay if you feel unequipped [14:15]
The comparison mindset and how to get out of it [15:29]
Practical ways to let go of comparison and celebrate others instead [16:29]
The story about the hard conversation she had to have with a client [18:24]
The biggest lesson she learned from that hard conversation [21:32]
Favorite verse right now – Isaiah 43:19 – See God is doing a new thing [24:53]
Advice about how to get started on your dream [27:13]
Seek out wisdom and guidance from those who have already done it [28:43]
About Megan’s freebie—the gratitude-based to-do list [29:22]
Her favorite resources/podcasts for dreamers [31:51]
How God has changed her as she’s followed this dream [33:18]


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