114 || How to Let Your Faith Lead Your Dream || Amber Brannon

Entrepreneur Amber Brannon wants to unleash stunning design on the world. You’ll learn from her the importance of being clear about who you are (and who you aren’t) as you pursue your dream. She describes what that process was like for her company, Copperheart Creative, and how it helped them discover the types of clients they love to serve. Amber teaches us what she learned from trying to control everything – including that it’s not possible – and how she’s letting Jesus take control, instead.

099 || Because Building Community Matters to Your Dream || Jessica Reinhart

In this episode, Jessica Reinhart shares her journey to encourage others toward authentic community. She talks about her favorite personality profile tool, The Elements Assessment, and reminds us of the value in knowing ourselves and others. You’ll be inspired to uncover new ways to build community whether in pursuit of your dream or among your neighbors. She also teaches us how to search out people to work alongside us in our dreams and what to look for as we seek the right fit in these relationships.

095 || Because You'll Never Be Fully Ready to Start || Megan Sjuts

In this episode, graphic designer Megan Sjuts of Building 07 teaches us her favorite strategy for combating the ugly feelings that come with comparing yourself to others. You’ll hear how she discovered graphic design (and it wasn’t because she went looking for it as a career) and why not knowing the path in advance doesn’t make it wrong. She also shares the lessons learned from a difficult conversation she had early on with one of her first clients. These will be vital to anyone who is starting a business or dealing with client communications.

086 || How to Lean into God’s Purpose for You || Wendy Bohling

Wendy Bohling is passionate about building a community of working women with faith. Along with her team of speakers and facilitators, Wendy is hosting the Not Just a Rib Conference for Working Women with Faith in Louisville, Colorado on April 28th. In this interview, you’ll hear why she has felt “not good enough” to pursue this dream and learn how God has grown and equipped her to follow it anyway. She talks about the importance of getting quiet before God, so you can hear what He’s saying to you, and believing He knows your needs even when you have no idea where provision for your dream will come from.  

084 || How to Align Your Dream with God's Dream for You || Elizabeth Grace Saunders

Author and time management expert, Elizabeth Saunders, talks in this episode about the value of owning and sharing your truth, even if some people might not like it. She shares her dream of helping others connect with divine time management principles and draw closer to God as well as revealing how God used her dream to convict and change her heart. She also explains how we can trust God with our time and the choices we make about how we use what He’s given us. 

080 || Letting Grief Fuel Your Dream || Halley Mastrolonardo

As she prepares to meet their first child, Halley Mastrolonardo shares the best advice she’s received thus far: to know your season of life. That applies to all of us as it relates to our God-shaped dreams. Halley teaches us about letting go of what people think of us—and how that connects to confession and transparency in our lives. She talks about how grief, surprisingly, was the thing that spurred her on to pursue her dream. In fact, she says taking those risks to move forward was the thing that kept her from drowning in despair.

076 || Believing God's Faithfulness Above Your Self-Doubt || Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

In this interview, Dorcas Cheng-Tozun reminds us a that just because the path is difficult, or we cannot see the fruit of our work, or that we feel stuck and alone in this moment, that doesn’t mean God’s not with us or we’re not following the right dream. She also shares about the value of knowing yourself and learning to accept and embrace who God made you. She reminds us about keeping the Sabbath and that no matter your calling, you need breaks from work, technology, and the day-to-day demands. And finally, she suggests that if you’re feeling stuck it might just be God inviting you into deeper communion with Him.

All this and more including how to stay married to (and in love with) your entrepreneur spouse and their family’s rules about date nights, cell phone breaks and family time make this a don’t-miss episode of the podcast!

069 || How To Prioritize Your Kids AND Your Dream || Rebekah Scott

Rebekah Scott has loved sewing since she was four years old, kneeling next to her mom and begging to cut some scraps of fabrics to create something on her own. She started Rebekah Scott Designs in 2003 because she wanted to have children and be able to stay at home to raise them by her side--and she wanted to help others do the same. She loves what she has grown over these years through her business, and her four little ones continue to inspire her, put smiles on her heart, and remind her of the reason behind it all.

052 || Moving from Overworked Employee to Profitable Entrepreneur || Kelsey Chapman

After launching her own dreams at Radiant Collective & The Radiant Podcast, Kelsey has funneled her efforts into helping other women launch theirs.  It is her heart to equip women to turn their dreams into profitable ventures that can allow them to live with both freedom in their finances and their time.  Kelsey wholeheartedly believes dreams are worth pursuing and loves walking alongside women to bring their visions to life in a tangible way!

Devoted Dreamers: 47 - Hope Mangiafico: Entrepreneur | Health Enthusiast | Encouraging Hearts

Hope Mangiafico’s mission is to help others recognize that whatever their current situation may be, there is always hope. Because of her own experience living with a Type I Diabetes diagnosis, Hope wants to help people recognize their worth beyond a label or life-stage that could currently be holding them back from living the life God created them to live. Hope is passionate about working with people through their health journey, and she works locally and online with clients on personal training, nutrition coaching, and business mentoring.

032 || Getting Past Fear to Find Your Dream || Amber Brannon

Instead of listening to God, graphic designer Amber Brannon says she was fearful of the unknown in the dream He’d given her. And then there was that day He made it abundantly clear that she was to leave her agency job to create a business of her own. So, with fear and trepidation, she took that step and found herself in a dream job that’s provided more than enough for her needs and allowed her to build a design business full of heart for telling her clients’ stories.

Momentum: Episode #27 - Kate Boyd

Kate Boyd is a business coach and strategist helping entrepreneurs with a God-sized dream to squash their fear, gain strength from their faith, and align their passions with powerful strategy. Kate provides personalized coaching so you can make the income that empowers you to impact lives every day and create the freedom you crave. Kate shares from her experience leading two online businesses, one she’s had for years and the other—her business coaching—she launched after feeling a call from God to fill the gap of Christian voices in the online business world. 

Momentum: Episode #20 - Sarah Hale

Sarah is a business strategist, brand consultant, and entrepreneur with a passion for helping people use their influence to make the world a better place. Drawing on her background in marketing and the music industry, Sarah decided to launch SDH Strategy in 2016 with the goal of helping female creatives and small business owners combine great ideas with purpose and strategy.

Got a God-shaped dream? Enter our giveaway to win a Sip & Strategy session with Sarah so you can figure out the next steps in your God-shaped dream. 

Momentum: Episode #19 - Jessyca Allen

Jessyca Allen is a newlywed and a Midwestern soul living in Colorado. Because she struggles with comparison and negative self-talk, she loves creating beautiful pieces that point herself and others to God's character and His love for His children. Several years ago Jessyca began wondering how God might use her creativity for His glory. Today, her calligraphy and graphic design business, Bezalel & Babel, is the space where pursuing Him and creating her art intersect. 

Momentum: Episode #16 - Jenn Sprinkle

Jenn Sprinkle is a graphic and web designer, a speaker, published author, and co-founder of The {Well} Studio. She loves helping her design clients make their dreams a beautiful reality and figure out how to move their dreams from great to awesome. A conference and retreat junkie, Jenn’s primary focus for the year 2016 has been on the creation of Camp Well, a four-day deep-rooted, faith-filled venture for dreamers, doers and entrepreneurs held recently in Denver, Colorado. 

Momentum: Episode #12 - Kim Davis

Kim Davis is a Texas soul living in Colorado with her husband, Chase, and their two boys, Knox and Owen. She curates and runs an online boutique called Oh, Sweet Joy! and loves inspiring others to find the beauty in the everyday, especially in their wardrobe. Kim is an unlikely pastor's wife to Chase, who is on staff at The Well in Boulder. She's been featured in MOPs magazine, as well as many other publications for creatives.  She is currently navigating how to thrive in the tiresome days of motherhood, ministry, and running a business. 

Momentum: Episode #8 - Claire Nix

Claire Nix is a business coach for mompreneurs and digital media strategist. She is passionate about helping women seek Jesus, prioritize their families, and create a successful, fun business allowing them to find purpose outside of caring for young children. She is a wife (to her high school sweetheart), a mom to two boys, and a woman with a God-sized dream who is on a mission to help other women find success in life and business.

Momentum Episode #4 - Interview with Brooke Fish

Brooke Fish creates and sells eco-friendly, stylish baby accessories through her company Fresh BiB, but her greatest desire is to encourage new moms. In this episode she openly shares about her past, including her struggle with post-partum depression, as well as the challenges of today with regard to discerning the future of Fresh BiB. She fervently believes God will provide for those who are willing to actively engage in the pursuit of the dreams He has given.