Momentum Podcast: Pursuing What Matters Most -- Episode #0 -- Introducing Momentum

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The podcast about taking initiative in life and work, following God's lead and paying attention to what happens next.

Welcome to my very first podcast episode. (Eek!) This one will be a little different than future episodes in that it's just me sharing what the podcast is all about, a bit about my story, and the experiences that motivated me to start Momentum in the first place. 

Future episodes of Momentum will include interviews with women who are creatively pursing their God-given gifts, in beautifully imperfect ways, one day at a time.  We’ll talk about the “momentum moments” in their life. The times of discouragement when they thought they might quit and the big God-shaped dreams that they’ve pursued against all odds and in the midst of the fear of success or failure.

In addition, I want to be vulnerable to share with you the beautifully imperfect ways I’m working through the passions God has put on my heart. I'll do that over time through mini-updates on the podcast in an effort to model what I’m hoping my guests will share as well: that we can begin—flawed, imperfect, unfinished—to pursue our dreams even when we don’t feel ready. Because if we wait until we are perfect, we’ll never take the first step.

My hope is that you will come away from our hour each week with renewed hope and encouragement toward the one step you can take to find that momentum in your life. Thanks so much for listening. I can't wait to share my guests with you!


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