Solo Episode

116 || Two Simple Reasons Your Dream is Not About You || Merritt Onsa

You have a dream, a passion that burns deep inside and makes you want to leap from bed in the morning. Maybe your dream is a desire to change the world for the better, or make beautiful things, or teach others what you have learned on your journey. When that dream begins to bubble up, you might get so busy figuring out the next step that you forget to ask who your dream is for. This episode will coach you through questions to ask yourself as you consider who your dream is meant to serve.

113 || You Were Created for a Reason || Merritt Onsa

There is purpose for your life; you are not here by accident. I believe this to be true, and today I’m talking about the two perspectives I’ve been wrestling with related to this topic and how we decipher our God-shaped dreams. The first is that He uses our gifts and talents for our good, for the good of others, and for His Kingdom. The second is that He uses us in spite of our weakness, failure, or even our blatant rejection of His calling upon our lives. So, which is it, strengths or weaknesses?

110 || You Have Great Value and Worth || Merritt Onsa

In this solo episode, I’m talking about where we can find our value and worth because we are daughters of the King. You’ll hear more of my story about how I rested my value on something that was ultimately going to fail me. I share the best response I ever got from a Christian man who knew he couldn’t bear the weight of my identity on his back. And I talk a bit about what’s going on my world right now that has revealed to me that I am struggling, again, to remember that my security is in Christ.

107 || You Are a Daughter of the Most High King || Merritt Onsa

In this solo episode, I’m talking about identity, specifically our identity in Christ as daughters of the Most High King. You’ll hear how I struggled early on as a Christian to even understand what this means and how to live it out. In attempting to understand what it means to find our identity in Christ, I also share what it’s not, meaning you’re going to hear a bit about my messy life before Jesus (um, yes, it’s still messy AFTER Jesus but just in a different way now!) This is important because when we understand who we are in Christ, it informs how we move towards our God-shaped dreams.

Momentum Podcast: Pursuing What Matters Most -- Episode #0 -- Introducing Momentum

The podcast about taking initiative in life and work, following God's lead and paying attention to what happens next.

Welcome to my very first podcast episode. This one will be a little different than future episodes in that it's just me sharing what the podcast is all about, a bit about my story, and experiences that motivated me to start Momentum in the first place.