111 || How to Find Remarkable Beauty in Ordinary Dreams || Ashley Hales

Ashley Hales teaches us the importance of pressing in to the greater story of the gospel because of its impact on our lives and relationships; she also reminds us of our identity in Christ. You’ll discover the value of instituting small disciplines in your life like finding a verse to meditate on or a way to move your body each day; and she talks about why she wrote her first book, Finding Holy in the Suburbs: Living Faithfully in the Land of Too Much (IVP), even though she never planned to write a book.  

Momentum: Episode 29 - Sharon Hodde Miller

Sharon is an author, speaker, pastor’s wife and mom of two boys who lives, with her family, in North Carolina. She has been a regular contributor to Christianity Today, Propel, and She Reads Truth, and she is currently working on her first book, set to release in 2017. In addition to writing, Sharon recently completed her PhD, which explored the stories and experiences of women called to ministry. Sharon speaks a message of hope, truth and courage into our lives. I can’t wait for you to meet her!