127 || Because It Will Never Be the Perfect Time to Start || Haley Williams

Podcast host Haley Williams is living her dream to engage women in meaningful conversations that point to a bigger story: the hope we have in Jesus. Haley reminds us that we are not defined by our work, and she shares what she’s learned from disappointment, including the advice to start before you’re ready. You’ll discover the value of trusting God with the outcome of your dream, understanding your need for grace, finding your approval in Him alone, and allowing Jesus to change you from the inside out.

053 || She Was Young, Inexperienced & Unqualified || Lisa Steven

Lisa Steven has more than 20 years of experience working with teen moms. She co-founded Hope House – a residential home for teen moms who want to raise their child and its program arm which supports the educational, counseling, life skills and childcare needs of teen moms in the Denver area. Lisa has served as the organization’s Executive Director since 2003, and led it to become one of the top 10 percent of nonprofit organizations in the United States. She was the City of Arvada's 2013 Woman of the Year for her contributions to the community and among the West Jeffco Chamber's Outstanding Women of Jefferson County in 2010. A former teen mom, Lisa is committed to empowering teen moms in her community and across the world.

050 || How to Fight Back Fear and Pursue Your Dream || Jennie Allen

Jennie has a wealth of wisdom to share with dreamers like us because she is one of us. She has struggled, fought back fear, and lived to see a dream that’s bigger than herself come to fruition.Some of my favorite parts of this conversation are hearing what has given her confidence to keep going when it’s difficult, what it’s taken to move from “fear” to “fun” in pursuing her dream, and that it’s so not about her.

045 || How to Keep Going When God Asks Too Much || Julie Manning

Julie Manning is a wife to her beloved husband, John, mother of three fun-loving boys, and pediatric nurse practitioner. At 25, Julie left her career in corporate America to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing. While in nursing school, the Lord birthed a passion within her to care for children born with heart disease. Little did she know, seven years later, she would learn her own heart was sick. The Lord’s pursuit of Julie’s heart and soul through the valley of many uncertainties has developed a fire within her to live intentionally from moment to moment as if it may be her last.

Devoted Dreamers: 31 - Angie Weszely | Changing the Abortion Conversation

In the first full episode of Season Two I’m introducing you to Angie Weszely, a speaker, writer, strategist and dreamer. Angie is a visionary passionate about reframing the Christian response to abortion and unplanned pregnancy. She’s the co-founder and CEO of ProGrace, a start-up non-profit organization, that equips Christians to shift the way we talk about abortion, the way we think about it, and the way we reach out to women facing unplanned pregnancy. 

Momentum: Episode 29 - Sharon Hodde Miller

Sharon is an author, speaker, pastor’s wife and mom of two boys who lives, with her family, in North Carolina. She has been a regular contributor to Christianity Today, Propel, and She Reads Truth, and she is currently working on her first book, set to release in 2017. In addition to writing, Sharon recently completed her PhD, which explored the stories and experiences of women called to ministry. Sharon speaks a message of hope, truth and courage into our lives. I can’t wait for you to meet her!

Momentum: Episode #27 - Kate Boyd

Kate Boyd is a business coach and strategist helping entrepreneurs with a God-sized dream to squash their fear, gain strength from their faith, and align their passions with powerful strategy. Kate provides personalized coaching so you can make the income that empowers you to impact lives every day and create the freedom you crave. Kate shares from her experience leading two online businesses, one she’s had for years and the other—her business coaching—she launched after feeling a call from God to fill the gap of Christian voices in the online business world. 

Momentum: Episode #23 - Hannah Anderson

Six years ago, Hannah Anderson slowly began to cultivate a career as a writer. It was not something she ever anticipated doing, but with young children at home she found herself wondering how to steward her gifting. She committed to God that she’d give two years to learning the trade and leave the results in His hands. Today she’s the author of two books: Made for More and the newly released Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul (Moody).

You could win a set of Hannah's books, Made for More and Humble Roots, by entering the giveaway here, prior to 11:59 p.m. EST on November 22, 2016.