114 || How to Let Your Faith Lead Your Dream || Amber Brannon

Entrepreneur Amber Brannon wants to unleash stunning design on the world. You’ll learn from her the importance of being clear about who you are (and who you aren’t) as you pursue your dream. She describes what that process was like for her company, Copperheart Creative, and how it helped them discover the types of clients they love to serve. Amber teaches us what she learned from trying to control everything – including that it’s not possible – and how she’s letting Jesus take control, instead.

032 || Getting Past Fear to Find Your Dream || Amber Brannon

Instead of listening to God, graphic designer Amber Brannon says she was fearful of the unknown in the dream He’d given her. And then there was that day He made it abundantly clear that she was to leave her agency job to create a business of her own. So, with fear and trepidation, she took that step and found herself in a dream job that’s provided more than enough for her needs and allowed her to build a design business full of heart for telling her clients’ stories.

Momentum: Episode #19 - Jessyca Allen

Jessyca Allen is a newlywed and a Midwestern soul living in Colorado. Because she struggles with comparison and negative self-talk, she loves creating beautiful pieces that point herself and others to God's character and His love for His children. Several years ago Jessyca began wondering how God might use her creativity for His glory. Today, her calligraphy and graphic design business, Bezalel & Babel, is the space where pursuing Him and creating her art intersect. 

Momentum: Episode #2 - Interview with Alysa Passage

Alysa shares her passion for creating authentic community and translating world-changing ideas into visually appealing designs. If you were to sit down to coffee with Alysa, she would draw you in with her genuine interest in your life, passions, and struggles while compassionately teaching you how to cultivate the true connections we all crave.