117 || Breakthrough Lessons for Staying Focused on Your Dream || Laurel Smith

Creative business owner Laurel Smith dreamt about making jewelry 14 years ago, before she possessed the knowledge or tools to do so. That dream is now a reality in Laurel Denise, but its God-given purpose didn’t become clear until years later. Laurel’s story reminds us that understanding your purpose and calling takes time. She also shares her secret of learning to focus her time and energy so she could pursue jewelry making as well as her passion and calling of motherhood.

114 || How to Let Your Faith Lead Your Dream || Amber Brannon

Entrepreneur Amber Brannon wants to unleash stunning design on the world. You’ll learn from her the importance of being clear about who you are (and who you aren’t) as you pursue your dream. She describes what that process was like for her company, Copperheart Creative, and how it helped them discover the types of clients they love to serve. Amber teaches us what she learned from trying to control everything – including that it’s not possible – and how she’s letting Jesus take control, instead.

046 || Finding the Creativity Already Within You || Amy Pierson

Amy Pierson loves to gather people and help them pay attention to what God is creatively up to in their lives. She believes we are all expressions of God’s creativity—which is why it cracks open our souls. Burning Heart Workshops was born out of her life-long journey with faith, learning, and leadership and shaped by hundreds of conversations with like-minded hearts.

While her background is advertising and journalism, over the last 10 years Amy has led efforts of the Spiritual Formation Alliance and completed her Certificate of Christian Spiritual Formation from the Renovare Institute. Recent work as a digital content creator for a new platform that champions transformation taught her how people learn and engage in our "noisy" world. Amy and her handsome soul-mate live near Denver and are parents of two adult warrior women and their ridiculous-but-sincere puppy brother.

Momentum: Episode #19 - Jessyca Allen

Jessyca Allen is a newlywed and a Midwestern soul living in Colorado. Because she struggles with comparison and negative self-talk, she loves creating beautiful pieces that point herself and others to God's character and His love for His children. Several years ago Jessyca began wondering how God might use her creativity for His glory. Today, her calligraphy and graphic design business, Bezalel & Babel, is the space where pursuing Him and creating her art intersect. 

Momentum: Episode #2 - Interview with Alysa Passage

Alysa shares her passion for creating authentic community and translating world-changing ideas into visually appealing designs. If you were to sit down to coffee with Alysa, she would draw you in with her genuine interest in your life, passions, and struggles while compassionately teaching you how to cultivate the true connections we all crave.

Momentum: Episode #1 - Interview with Erin Straza

In this episode, Erin shares the motivation behind her new book, Comfort Detox; she talks openly about the struggle to stay focused on creative projects while overcoming self-doubt and comparison. We get to hear how one verse of scripture is helping her to be more present with God and inspiring her towards contentment and faithfulness. Her joy is contagious and her honesty inspiring.