092 || How to Believe God's Sovereignty Over Your Dream || Hunter Beless

In this episode, you’re going to be bathed in scripture! Hunter Beless knows her bible and shares the value of being in His word daily. She reminds us of God's power to fulfill dreams regardless of circumstances. You’ll learn about re-orienting your fear of the things of this world to the God of the universe and how that gives us courage to keep taking the next step. She also teaches us about embracing our limitedness with the grace and freedom to do what is within your capacity and let go of the rest!

050 || How to Fight Back Fear and Pursue Your Dream || Jennie Allen

Jennie has a wealth of wisdom to share with dreamers like us because she is one of us. She has struggled, fought back fear, and lived to see a dream that’s bigger than herself come to fruition.Some of my favorite parts of this conversation are hearing what has given her confidence to keep going when it’s difficult, what it’s taken to move from “fear” to “fun” in pursuing her dream, and that it’s so not about her.

Momentum: Episode #15 - Kat Armstrong

Kat Armstrong is a preacher, a preacher’s wife, and the co-founder and Executive Director of Polished, an outreach ministry sharing the gospel with a generation of young professional women and equipping young professional women to share the gospel. Kat’s passion is to see young women navigate the complexities of work and life, inviting them to learn how the God of the Bible can inform and influence their day-to-day lives.