089 || How to Loosen Your Grip on Your Dream || Kristi Hayes

Kristi Hayes’ greatest desire is to influence and inspire families to go into the vulnerable places and serve others. In this episode, she shares about how her business, Be Strong Story, was born and the years prior in which God taught her to hold loosely to her dreams. You will be inspired to work hard at your dream but also to check yourself for clues that you’re gripping it too tightly. You will learn Kristi’s bold but simple strategy to find a mentor and the value of obedience, even if you can’t see the rewards right away.   

052 || Moving from Overworked Employee to Profitable Entrepreneur || Kelsey Chapman

After launching her own dreams at Radiant Collective & The Radiant Podcast, Kelsey has funneled her efforts into helping other women launch theirs.  It is her heart to equip women to turn their dreams into profitable ventures that can allow them to live with both freedom in their finances and their time.  Kelsey wholeheartedly believes dreams are worth pursuing and loves walking alongside women to bring their visions to life in a tangible way!

Momentum: Episode #15 - Kat Armstrong

Kat Armstrong is a preacher, a preacher’s wife, and the co-founder and Executive Director of Polished, an outreach ministry sharing the gospel with a generation of young professional women and equipping young professional women to share the gospel. Kat’s passion is to see young women navigate the complexities of work and life, inviting them to learn how the God of the Bible can inform and influence their day-to-day lives.