Foster care

088 || Why You Don't Have to Be Perfect to Pursue Your Dream || Jessica Mathisen

In this episode, Jessica Mathisen reminds us we don’t have to be perfect to pursue our dream. In fact, our desire for perfection can often stand in the way of our dream. She encourages us that our dream is really God’s dream, and it’s meant for His glory and the good of others. You’re going to love her story about being bold with her former boss to go after a need she knew she could fill. (Don’t we all need a little more boldness as we walk towards our dreams?) You’ll also learn from her why it’s so important to share your dreams with others.

041 || Why Community Matters to Your Dream || Lauren Jones

Lauren is a homeschooling, bio/adoption and foster care mama of four kids ages 9 to 9 months. If you can’t find her in the kitchen or the mountains, she’s probably scouring vintage shops for beautiful books. It should be said that she’s definitely not cleaning her house--you can pray for that if you’d like. Lauren and her husband Joe started foster care three years ago and have had 7 placements in that time. It’s been a healthy mix of “this is amazing” and “this totally sucks.” They recently founded Treasured Kids--a ministry aiming to get beautiful books into the hands of foster kids. They are excited for a new season of respite care as well as continuing to educate their crew at home and learning what exactly it means to be a family.