Women's Ministry

088 || Why You Don't Have to Be Perfect to Pursue Your Dream || Jessica Mathisen

In this episode, Jessica Mathisen reminds us we don’t have to be perfect to pursue our dream. In fact, our desire for perfection can often stand in the way of our dream. She encourages us that our dream is really God’s dream, and it’s meant for His glory and the good of others. You’re going to love her story about being bold with her former boss to go after a need she knew she could fill. (Don’t we all need a little more boldness as we walk towards our dreams?) You’ll also learn from her why it’s so important to share your dreams with others.

078 || Fitting Your Dream into An Already Busy Life || Tiffany Bluhm

In this interview, author and Bible study teacher Tiffany Bluhm helps us dump the mom-guilt that can come with trying to balance dreaming, raising kids, and caring for a home and a husband. Instead she talks about making the most of our time, asking for help when we need it, and how not to miss out on the dream God’s put on your heart—even if you feel too busy to pursue it. Her advice to the dreamer, near the end of our conversation, about finding someone who’s already doing your dream was priceless.

077 || Because Your Dream Was Never Just About You || Allison Hale

In this interview, Allison Hale educates us about how women get caught up in sex trafficking and prostitution from what she’s learned in her nearly 10 years of ministry on the streets of San Pedro, Dominican Republic. She shares about the value of doing what you can and letting that be enough, the fruit that’s come from working with a team, and how this dream started as an inkling and was confirmed through four months of prayer.

075 || When God Gives You a Dream That's Bigger Than You || Simone Halpin

In this interview, Simone Halpin (co-founder and Executive Director of Naomi's House) returns to the show to share about the day-to-day challenges and joys of stepping into something bigger than herself. She talks about needing to redefine success along the way, the beauty of being rooted and going deeper instead of wider, as well as the importance of clinging to God’s Word as we seek clarity on our God-shaped dream.

073 || How God Works Through You, Despite Your Past || Gretchen Foster

Gretchen Foster is a woman whose life has been completely undone and restored by the unfathomable love of Jesus Christ. In this interview, she talks about the choice we have between being fearful or faithful when it comes to following our God-shaped dream. She reminds us of the force, power, authority of our King Jesus who is coming back one day. And she admonishes us of the dangers of comparing ourselves or lives to those of other women.

071 || Finding Space for Your Dreams, Even With a House Full of Kids || Lara Veve

Lara Veve oversees the Women’s Community at Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, Colorado. In this interview, she talks about the big dreams she had as a child and how those plans got upset by life’s circumstances. She shares about her fears that make her want to live “inside the box.” She also offers an important reminder that we need to pay attention to the things that make our heart beat a little faster because that’s often where God has planted our dreams.

Devoted Dreamers: 43 - Suanne Camfield: Author | Minister to Women | Paying Attention to The Stirring

Suanne Camfield is the women’s ministry director at Christ Church of Oak Brook and the author of The Sound of a Million Dreams: Awakening to Who You are Becoming (her first book, released in March of 2017). She previously worked for Caris, a nonprofit counseling organization that supports women and children, was an assistant editor at InterVarsity Press and the blog manager for FullFill, a nonprofit focused on mobilizing women to invest their influence in the world for God's purposes. She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband--who’s a pastor--and two teenage children.