088 || Why You Don't Have to Be Perfect to Pursue Your Dream || Jessica Mathisen

In this episode, Jessica Mathisen reminds us we don’t have to be perfect to pursue our dream. In fact, our desire for perfection can often stand in the way of our dream. She encourages us that our dream is really God’s dream, and it’s meant for His glory and the good of others. You’re going to love her story about being bold with her former boss to go after a need she knew she could fill. (Don’t we all need a little more boldness as we walk towards our dreams?) You’ll also learn from her why it’s so important to share your dreams with others.

Devoted Dreamers: 36 - Hannah Edwards: Church Planter | Acquainted with Grief | Making Room for Brokenness

Hannah is a Midwesterner loving the Colorado life. She’s married to Brad -- a pastor, passionate engager of culture and beer, and a lover of bourbon. They were recently blessed with a bright-eyed baby boy, Ransom, after five years of infertility.  While learning to be new parents, they attempt to keep up with their spirited husky/blue heeler mix, Scout, and meet the needs of their entitled cat, Brooklyn. Brad and Hannah started The Table Church in Lafayette, Colorado, with a beautiful group of adventurous souls in 2016. Hannah does not consider herself a “dreamer” but rather a pragmatist. She is learning how those two things can intersect in a redemptive way in Gospel community.

Momentum: Episode #22 - Sarah Conner

Sarah Conner is the Vice President of Programs and HR at HIS BridgeBuilders, a poverty alleviation ministry in Dallas, Texas. She oversees programs that serve hundreds of individuals each year on their path towards self-sufficiency and flourishing. Since 2011, Sarah has also been living her passion of unleashing and equipping women by serving at Polished, most recently as the Director of Dallas. Her story is one of overcoming heartache through faith in God and some great community! She’s a big believer in having lots of good girlfriends, laughter, and a great cheese plate. 

Momentum: Episode #7 - Sarah Targgart

The podcast takes a bit of a turn this week to discuss the dream of having a family and the intimate struggle of infertility. Sarah Targgart gives a voice to this heart-wrenching topic. She is vulnerable about what the journey has been like for her. She shares what was and was not helpful while she and her husband fought to cling to the promises of God while wondering if their dreams of having a family would ever come true.