079 || How to Keep Trusting God When Your Calling Shifts || Amy Knuver

Amy Knuver makes her return to the podcast this week with an update on how her first year in Togo, West Africa, as a teacher of mission children went and what unexpectedly shifted within her while she was there. She talks about how she handled the shift in her dream, how difficult circumstances have and are shaping her, and about trusting God as provider even when you don’t see His provision in the timing you expect.

061 || Finding the Hope You Need When You Doubt Yourself || Darcy Wiley

Darcy Wiley is a writer who digs to find the transforming work of God in unexpected places. She is co-writer of the book “The Yes Effect: Accepting God’s Invitation to Transform the World Around You” (with Moody Publishers) in partnership with Luis Bush, the missions strategist who originated the 10/40 Window Movement. She is an explorer at heart. As a youth, she traveled to observe movements of God and serve on mission in various regions of the world. Nowadays, her primary mission is to raise her kids to be curious and compassionate citizens of the world. Her writing casts light on beauty and brokenness and helps readers cultivate deep, vibrant relationships with God and others.

Devoted Dreamers: 38 - Amy Peterson: Once Misguided Missionary | Author | Caring for Our Words

Amy Peterson lives with her husband and two children on a couple of acres of Indiana farmland. She teaches and works with the Honors program at Taylor University. With a B.A. in English Literature from Texas A&M and an M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College, Amy taught ESL for two years in Southeast Asia before returning stateside to teach in California, Arkansas, and Washington. Amy has written for Books & Culture, Christianity Today, The Other Journal, Comment Magazine, The Cresset, The Living Church, and Art House America, among other places. Her first book, Dangerous Territory: My Misguided Quest to Save the World, released on Feb 1, 2017

Momentum: Episode #13 - Andrea Conway

Andrea Conway is passionate about living life authentically with others, whether that be in her community, gathering women around a dinner table, or working with Ethiopian children who live in extreme poverty.  Each year, Andrea travels to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Out of the Ashes.  She has learned that going into situations ready to listen, learn, work, and then listen some more, opens up doors for communities to grow, stereotypes to fall, and love to blossom.

Momentum: Episode #11 - Amy Knuver

Amy Knuver’s passion for people led her to pursue a degree in elementary education and inspired her interest in teaching overseas. Now, a recent college graduate, she is on her way to Togo in West Africa where she will finally have her own classroom, teaching second grade missionary kids. In the midst of this adventure and all of the unknowns ahead, she is striving to love unconditionally, laugh uncontrollably, and live unrestrained.