121 || Listening to Your Feelings Can Sabotage Your Dream || Laura Harris

If you have a dream, don’t be surprised when discouragement shows up and threatens to destroy it. In this episode writer, mama, and former silent-struggler Laura Harris shares her vulnerable story about the night on the bathroom floor when she realized that she was on the verge of depression and could no longer hide it. You’ll learn how God brought her through it, used this difficulty to open her eyes to a greater purpose, and the steps you can take if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

074 || Battling for a Biblical Mindset || Allie Davis

In this interview, Allie Davis talks about her experience of moving from depression and a negative mindset to a more biblical mindset and how it changed her perspective of “calling” in her life. She also shares the clues that pointed to what her dream might be. She reminds us that our discouraging thoughts are not from God and that baby steps may not always bring the results you hoped for…and that’s okay!

Momentum: Episode #27 - Kate Boyd

Kate Boyd is a business coach and strategist helping entrepreneurs with a God-sized dream to squash their fear, gain strength from their faith, and align their passions with powerful strategy. Kate provides personalized coaching so you can make the income that empowers you to impact lives every day and create the freedom you crave. Kate shares from her experience leading two online businesses, one she’s had for years and the other—her business coaching—she launched after feeling a call from God to fill the gap of Christian voices in the online business world. 

Momentum: Episode #11 - Amy Knuver

Amy Knuver’s passion for people led her to pursue a degree in elementary education and inspired her interest in teaching overseas. Now, a recent college graduate, she is on her way to Togo in West Africa where she will finally have her own classroom, teaching second grade missionary kids. In the midst of this adventure and all of the unknowns ahead, she is striving to love unconditionally, laugh uncontrollably, and live unrestrained. 

Momentum Episode #4 - Interview with Brooke Fish

Brooke Fish creates and sells eco-friendly, stylish baby accessories through her company Fresh BiB, but her greatest desire is to encourage new moms. In this episode she openly shares about her past, including her struggle with post-partum depression, as well as the challenges of today with regard to discerning the future of Fresh BiB. She fervently believes God will provide for those who are willing to actively engage in the pursuit of the dreams He has given.