069 || How To Prioritize Your Kids AND Your Dream || Rebekah Scott

Rebekah Scott has loved sewing since she was four years old, kneeling next to her mom and begging to cut some scraps of fabrics to create something on her own. She started Rebekah Scott Designs in 2003 because she wanted to have children and be able to stay at home to raise them by her side--and she wanted to help others do the same. She loves what she has grown over these years through her business, and her four little ones continue to inspire her, put smiles on her heart, and remind her of the reason behind it all.

Momentum: Episode #12 - Kim Davis

Kim Davis is a Texas soul living in Colorado with her husband, Chase, and their two boys, Knox and Owen. She curates and runs an online boutique called Oh, Sweet Joy! and loves inspiring others to find the beauty in the everyday, especially in their wardrobe. Kim is an unlikely pastor's wife to Chase, who is on staff at The Well in Boulder. She's been featured in MOPs magazine, as well as many other publications for creatives.  She is currently navigating how to thrive in the tiresome days of motherhood, ministry, and running a business. 

Momentum Episode #4 - Interview with Brooke Fish

Brooke Fish creates and sells eco-friendly, stylish baby accessories through her company Fresh BiB, but her greatest desire is to encourage new moms. In this episode she openly shares about her past, including her struggle with post-partum depression, as well as the challenges of today with regard to discerning the future of Fresh BiB. She fervently believes God will provide for those who are willing to actively engage in the pursuit of the dreams He has given.