115 || Four Opportunities You'll Find on the Way to Your Dream || Christa Hutchins

Ministry coach Christa Hutchins is the woman you’ll want by your side if you’re feeling overwhelmed in managing the details of your dream. She loves to serve Christian women who speak, write or lead, helping them develop strategies to accomplish their goals and dreams. But even if you’re not that far along yet, don’t know exactly what your dream is, or are in a season of waiting on the right timing, you’ll love hearing Christa’s clues on what you can do when you have a dream, but it’s just not yet time.

Momentum Episode #5 - Interview with Britt Peck

When she was still single, Britt Peck’s God-shaped dream moved her to Las Vegas to minister to women in the sex industry. Now back home in Connecticut, she’s newly married, supporting her husband through law school, and living in the in-between as she waits for God to reveal what’s next. In this season, Britt is learning to be still, finding gratitude in the simple things, and figuring out what it means to be a godly wife.