128 || How to Be a Mother and Follow Your God-Shaped Dream || Lesley Pyle

Lesley Pyle’s dream was born out of a desire to stay home after the birth of her first baby. In 2007, she founded to help professional women find flexible, legitimate, home-based work. Her story teaches us the value of not waiting until you have it all figured out. She shares how she learned along the way and how passion made up for expertise she didn’t have at the start. Let Lesley encourage you to release the mom guilt and get out of your comfort zone to pursue your God-shaped dream.

125 || How to Step Confidently into God's Calling for Your Life || Brittany Rust

This week’s interview builds upon last week’s episode on listening to God. Brittany Rust teaches us how to build a foundation of intimacy with Jesus by being in God’s word and through prayer, and she shares how those two actions plus the practice of listening and responding in obedience have grown her understanding of what God is calling her to next. You’ll learn the value of waiting on His timing as well as what it looks like to let go of control and trust Him in the pauses, resets and redirection.

097 || How to Let Yourself Be Who God Created You to Be || Julie Landreth

Julie Landreth has a passion for healthy and thriving relationships–especially marriages. She is a speaker and wife coach who loves sharing her passion for prayer and how to cultivate a thriving marriage. This conversation with Julie resulted from her reaching out to encourage me last week. I was struggling to feel courageous as I worked on my fear of failure episode, and God used her to speak truth to me. At the same time, she volunteered to just “jump in” the next time I needed a last-minute interview.

066 || Proof that God is in the Details || Jeannie Blackmer

In this interview, Jeannie Blackmer talks about how her dream to write complemented her desire to work from home once she had young children. She shares some of the early baby steps that helped get her feet wet in the writing/publishing world, and what you need to know if you want to self-publish a book, like she did with her newest book, Talking to Jesus.

040 || How to Just Take the Next Step || Julie Landreth

Julie Landreth has a passion for healthy and thriving relationships–especially in marriage. She is a speaker and wife coach who loves sharing with women her passion for prayer and how to cultivate a thriving marriage. She leads a growing number of women in San Jose, CA through her weekly WifeLab curriculum: Loving Well, The Art of Praying for Your Husband.  This year Julie and her husband will celebrate 13 years of cultivating a marriage filled with intentional love. Their secret? A date night every Friday since her now 10-year-old son was 7 months old. In addition to speaking, writing, and teaching, Julie is also a freelance photographer and designer.

Momentum: Episode #28 - Amanda Goble

Amanda is a Jesus-loving, adventure-seeking humanitarian who has recently relocated from the U.S. to Iraq where she works with an empowerment program for refugee women as part of Preemptive Love Coalition. A southern hippie who hails from Texas, Amanda loves good coffee, local food, extreme sports, creating, dancing, and Willie Nelson. She has lived all over (Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, Kenya, Ethiopia and Zambia) and has worked in every type of job under the sun, including stints in church planting, orphan care, disaster and humanitarian relief, medical outreach and photojournalism/storytelling. 

Momentum: Episode #24 - Jacci Turner

Jacci Turner has a passion for teaching contemplative prayer. She has great empathy for those whose spiritual disciplines have fallen short under the demands of life, and she longs to offer new tools for their toolbox. In her lifetime, she has worn many hats: therapist, school counselor, campus minister, spiritual director, and mom. Her favorite hats are her writer and grandmother hats, which come in wild colors and don’t fit too tightly. Jacci and her husband live in Nevada’s high desert and spend their mornings hiking through the sagebrush with their big yellow dog, Rocky.

Momentum: Episode #8 - Claire Nix

Claire Nix is a business coach for mompreneurs and digital media strategist. She is passionate about helping women seek Jesus, prioritize their families, and create a successful, fun business allowing them to find purpose outside of caring for young children. She is a wife (to her high school sweetheart), a mom to two boys, and a woman with a God-sized dream who is on a mission to help other women find success in life and business.

Momentum: Episode #7 - Sarah Targgart

The podcast takes a bit of a turn this week to discuss the dream of having a family and the intimate struggle of infertility. Sarah Targgart gives a voice to this heart-wrenching topic. She is vulnerable about what the journey has been like for her. She shares what was and was not helpful while she and her husband fought to cling to the promises of God while wondering if their dreams of having a family would ever come true. 

Momentum Episode #5 - Interview with Britt Peck

When she was still single, Britt Peck’s God-shaped dream moved her to Las Vegas to minister to women in the sex industry. Now back home in Connecticut, she’s newly married, supporting her husband through law school, and living in the in-between as she waits for God to reveal what’s next. In this season, Britt is learning to be still, finding gratitude in the simple things, and figuring out what it means to be a godly wife.