130 || How to Turn Up the Volume on Truth || Charlena Ortiz

Charlena Ortiz, founder of Grit & Virtue, teaches us how she’s learned to trust Jesus as her sustainer, sought unforced rhythms of grace in pursuing her dream, and discovered patience with herself and with God. Listen for the one question she used to figure out her dream, learn how to gain clarity on the lies you believe and turn up the volume on truth instead, and trust that God will use your dream as a tool for personal transformation.

127 || Because It Will Never Be the Perfect Time to Start || Haley Williams

Podcast host Haley Williams is living her dream to engage women in meaningful conversations that point to a bigger story: the hope we have in Jesus. Haley reminds us that we are not defined by our work, and she shares what she’s learned from disappointment, including the advice to start before you’re ready. You’ll discover the value of trusting God with the outcome of your dream, understanding your need for grace, finding your approval in Him alone, and allowing Jesus to change you from the inside out.

Devoted Dreamers: 37 - Cynthia Culver

Cynthia Culver spent seven years in the corporate world before returning to school for a M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary and her LPC license. She split the next 10 years working for Watermark Community Church and in private practice. Now, Cynthia has a coaching practice called Un+Stuck, created to help people who are overwhelmed by their responsibilities and a sense of angst because they feel aimless and unintentional about their lives. It's her passion to help people gain clarity and develop a plan to live out what matters to them.