Human Trafficking

077 || Because Your Dream Was Never Just About You || Allison Hale

In this interview, Allison Hale educates us about how women get caught up in sex trafficking and prostitution from what she’s learned in her nearly 10 years of ministry on the streets of San Pedro, Dominican Republic. She shares about the value of doing what you can and letting that be enough, the fruit that’s come from working with a team, and how this dream started as an inkling and was confirmed through four months of prayer.

075 || When God Gives You a Dream That's Bigger Than You || Simone Halpin

In this interview, Simone Halpin (co-founder and Executive Director of Naomi's House) returns to the show to share about the day-to-day challenges and joys of stepping into something bigger than herself. She talks about needing to redefine success along the way, the beauty of being rooted and going deeper instead of wider, as well as the importance of clinging to God’s Word as we seek clarity on our God-shaped dream.

Momentum: Episode #17 - Simone Halpin

Simone Halpin is the co-founder and Director of Naomi’s House, a residential safe home for women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation.  She also serves as the Director of Women’s Care at The Moody Church. There, Simone founded the Precious to Him Project, which is an extension of the Women’s Ministry devoted to serving vulnerable and exploited women in Chicago and beyond. With a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Moody Theological Seminary, Simone teaches and trains women what it means to love and follow Jesus.