108 || How God Uses Brokenness to Shape Your Dream || April Matt

This week, April Matt reveals the value of asking good questions and listening well as you consider your dream because you might uncover something you never considered. You’ll hear why your dream is worth pursuing, even when it gets hard, you have bad days, or you feel like quitting. Finally, April teaches us the importance of partnering with people who have the skills you lack and who can help you see when you’re working from your own strength instead of resting in the Lord’s.

106 || Because Your Dream Requires Everything of You || Holly Christine Hayes

In this episode, Holly Christine Hayes shares the difficult truth about pursuing a God-shaped dream – that it’s hard and it may require everything of you. She teaches us the importance of examining your season of life, considering the realities of your dream, and what you might do instead if this isn’t the time to step out. You’ll discover the value of surrounding yourself with people who are better than you and the importance of staying watered and rooted if you’re going to step into a God-shaped dream.

075 || When God Gives You a Dream That's Bigger Than You || Simone Halpin

In this interview, Simone Halpin (co-founder and Executive Director of Naomi's House) returns to the show to share about the day-to-day challenges and joys of stepping into something bigger than herself. She talks about needing to redefine success along the way, the beauty of being rooted and going deeper instead of wider, as well as the importance of clinging to God’s Word as we seek clarity on our God-shaped dream.

068 || How Even Busy Moms Can Find Time for Their Dream || Meredith King

In this episode, Meredith King talks about how things changed in the pursuit of her dream once she had kids—and the ways she’s learned to draw boundaries that are good for her and her family. She gives a name to that voice in our heads that tells us we’re not enough or shouldn’t be pursuing this dream, and she talks about how she fights back by inviting “truth-tellers” into the conversation. Plus, she’s got some awesome tips for success around providing dinner for her family and making time for prayer and bible study in the midst of an already busy life.

058 || Starting With What You Know || LaKena Dunham

LaKena Dunham is the founder of Hewalenamo Girls, Inc., a non-profit organization providing financial assistance for educational purposes to girls from impoverished families in developing countries. An international speaker, best-selling author and legacy coach, LaKena wants every woman to live courageously and confidently, going after the dreams that God places in each of our hearts. She has been recognized for her efforts to leave an indelible mark on girls and women around the world and resides near Dallas, Texas with her husband and three children.

053 || She Was Young, Inexperienced & Unqualified || Lisa Steven

Lisa Steven has more than 20 years of experience working with teen moms. She co-founded Hope House – a residential home for teen moms who want to raise their child and its program arm which supports the educational, counseling, life skills and childcare needs of teen moms in the Denver area. Lisa has served as the organization’s Executive Director since 2003, and led it to become one of the top 10 percent of nonprofit organizations in the United States. She was the City of Arvada's 2013 Woman of the Year for her contributions to the community and among the West Jeffco Chamber's Outstanding Women of Jefferson County in 2010. A former teen mom, Lisa is committed to empowering teen moms in her community and across the world.

Momentum: Episode #17 - Simone Halpin

Simone Halpin is the co-founder and Director of Naomi’s House, a residential safe home for women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation.  She also serves as the Director of Women’s Care at The Moody Church. There, Simone founded the Precious to Him Project, which is an extension of the Women’s Ministry devoted to serving vulnerable and exploited women in Chicago and beyond. With a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Moody Theological Seminary, Simone teaches and trains women what it means to love and follow Jesus. 

Momentum: Episode #3 - Interview with Missy Williams

Missy Williams is the co-founder of Seed Effect, a Christ-centered, nonprofit microfinance organization focused on providing economic and spiritual empowerment for the people of South Sudan. While Missy never set out to start a microfinance organization, she is now able to share the powerful tips she learned about executing on a dream and keeping your eyes on the Lord. Join me as we learn together what can happen when God places a seemingly impossible assignment in your hands.