Public Speaking

086 || How to Lean into God’s Purpose for You || Wendy Bohling

Wendy Bohling is passionate about building a community of working women with faith. Along with her team of speakers and facilitators, Wendy is hosting the Not Just a Rib Conference for Working Women with Faith in Louisville, Colorado on April 28th. In this interview, you’ll hear why she has felt “not good enough” to pursue this dream and learn how God has grown and equipped her to follow it anyway. She talks about the importance of getting quiet before God, so you can hear what He’s saying to you, and believing He knows your needs even when you have no idea where provision for your dream will come from.  

055 || She Realized She Was Chasing the Wrong Dream || Katie Bulmer

Sorority girl Katie Bulmer was certain she’d found all that life had to offer with the cutest boyfriend, best friends, and a solo cup of hunch punch in hand. But when the makeup came off, the drunken buzz turned into a terrible headache, and the guy that promised forever never called again, she started to wonder if there was more to life. As it turns out, there was. Today, Katie is a Christ-follower and a mentor to sorority women nationwide writing, speaking and going on coffee dates with young women to share about the eternal water that changed the world.

044 || God Surprised Her With This Dream || Rachel Swanson

Rachel Swanson is a dental hygienist turned author and speaker. Her book, Big and Little Coloring Devotional (released in LifeWay stores, April 2017), was birthed by her own struggle to keep it together as a busy mama of three children under two years old. A rising inspirational speaker, Rachel shares personal and spiritual growth insights related to encouraging moms in motherhood, helping women discover their unique purpose in Christ, understanding God’s design for healthy sexuality, and overcoming stress and anxiety in their lives. Rachel has been married ten years to her husband who loves her despite her love for coffee and often impulsive nature. They rear their tribe of identical twin boys, their baby girl, and a Weimaraner who thinks she's a human.

Devoted Dreamers: 43 - Suanne Camfield: Author | Minister to Women | Paying Attention to The Stirring

Suanne Camfield is the women’s ministry director at Christ Church of Oak Brook and the author of The Sound of a Million Dreams: Awakening to Who You are Becoming (her first book, released in March of 2017). She previously worked for Caris, a nonprofit counseling organization that supports women and children, was an assistant editor at InterVarsity Press and the blog manager for FullFill, a nonprofit focused on mobilizing women to invest their influence in the world for God's purposes. She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband--who’s a pastor--and two teenage children.

040 || How to Just Take the Next Step || Julie Landreth

Julie Landreth has a passion for healthy and thriving relationships–especially in marriage. She is a speaker and wife coach who loves sharing with women her passion for prayer and how to cultivate a thriving marriage. She leads a growing number of women in San Jose, CA through her weekly WifeLab curriculum: Loving Well, The Art of Praying for Your Husband.  This year Julie and her husband will celebrate 13 years of cultivating a marriage filled with intentional love. Their secret? A date night every Friday since her now 10-year-old son was 7 months old. In addition to speaking, writing, and teaching, Julie is also a freelance photographer and designer.

Devoted Dreamers: 37 - Cynthia Culver

Cynthia Culver spent seven years in the corporate world before returning to school for a M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary and her LPC license. She split the next 10 years working for Watermark Community Church and in private practice. Now, Cynthia has a coaching practice called Un+Stuck, created to help people who are overwhelmed by their responsibilities and a sense of angst because they feel aimless and unintentional about their lives. It's her passion to help people gain clarity and develop a plan to live out what matters to them.