053 || She Was Young, Inexperienced & Unqualified || Lisa Steven

Lisa Steven has more than 20 years of experience working with teen moms. She co-founded Hope House – a residential home for teen moms who want to raise their child and its program arm which supports the educational, counseling, life skills and childcare needs of teen moms in the Denver area. Lisa has served as the organization’s Executive Director since 2003, and led it to become one of the top 10 percent of nonprofit organizations in the United States. She was the City of Arvada's 2013 Woman of the Year for her contributions to the community and among the West Jeffco Chamber's Outstanding Women of Jefferson County in 2010. A former teen mom, Lisa is committed to empowering teen moms in her community and across the world.

Devoted Dreamers: 31 - Angie Weszely | Changing the Abortion Conversation

In the first full episode of Season Two I’m introducing you to Angie Weszely, a speaker, writer, strategist and dreamer. Angie is a visionary passionate about reframing the Christian response to abortion and unplanned pregnancy. She’s the co-founder and CEO of ProGrace, a start-up non-profit organization, that equips Christians to shift the way we talk about abortion, the way we think about it, and the way we reach out to women facing unplanned pregnancy. 

Momentum: Episode #7 - Sarah Targgart

The podcast takes a bit of a turn this week to discuss the dream of having a family and the intimate struggle of infertility. Sarah Targgart gives a voice to this heart-wrenching topic. She is vulnerable about what the journey has been like for her. She shares what was and was not helpful while she and her husband fought to cling to the promises of God while wondering if their dreams of having a family would ever come true. 

Momentum: Episode #6 - Heather Disarro

Heather Disarro is a food-centric lifestyle blogger at Heather's Dish. She is passionate about embracing the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives, and she revels in the opportunity to bring the love of cooking to the world as a way to love others well! In this episode, Heather is honest about her insecurities and the challenges she faces in chasing God’s plans in spite of the fears that could hold her back.